Most of the questions are answered on the FAQ page, Read first.



  • You must have to provide your account ID in a contact mail. (You can find it on Dashboard page under Account Statistics)
  • Also you need to provide brief information regarding the issue.
  • Your queries must have to be in English.

Most common questions:

My withdrawal is still pending?

Payments are not instant it can takes up to 24 hrs. So don't contact us before 24 hrs.

If you didn't receive your payout in 24 hrs then contact us.

It says the payment is approved but I didn't see it my account?

As we are paying Litecoin using Mass payout, so sometime users gets confuse and didn't realize they actually got paid earlier. So you need to check your wallet address thoroughly after that if you didn't find your payment then contact us.

My address is valid but still pending?

In order to get paid on time you need to provide valid address of that currency.


To withdraw these currency you need to provide following address:

For Litecoin address should have to be start with: "l" "L" "M"

For Bitcoin Cash address should have to be start with: "q"

For Bitcoin address should have to be start with: "1" "3"

For Ethereum address should have to be start with: "0" and it should have to be linked with Faucetpay.


In some cases Litecoin wallet did not accept address even if they start from: "l" "L" "M". So if you provide valid address and still didn't get paid your payment after 24 hrs you need to contact us.

Still not find answer to your question? Send us an email at

[email protected]