Registering on MultiCoinAds

Registration is simple, you just need to follow the registration link, complete the details required and in less than 1 minutes you will have your account up and going.

How much can i earn?

You can earn unlimited amount of money from your referrals and your daily clicks.

Can i register multiple accounts?

NO, you are not allowed to register multiple accounts under any circumstances, as advertisers pay for quality traffic, not the same person seeing their ad multiple times.

Can other people in the household register?

NO, only one person in the household can have an account and use it, any other created will result in considering as multiple accounts and closing all accounts related.

What payment processors / cryptocurrency do you accept?

Currently we only allow Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal depends on each currency, for bitcoin the minimum is 0.00025BTC and for Ethereum, BitcoinCash minimum is 0.0001ETH, 0.0001BCH respectively. For Litecoin the minimum is 0.0002LTC respectively.

What is the minimum deposit?

You can deposit Cryptocoins directly to your advertising balance and buy advertisement on our website. There is no minimum deposit.

Why my Earned balance has 9 decimals?

Because of the referral commission we need to have one extra decimal, so users can earn that 20% from their referrals.

Is there any referral limitation and what about the commission?

There is no referral limitation. You can earn 20% commission from your referral.

How long until payment is credited in account?

Usually payments processed anywhere between 5 minutes to 24 hours.




Can i advertise any type of website?

You can advertise mostly any type of website that is not related to Frame breaking script, Popup any windows on entry or exit of any kind, Automatically attempt to download software or change any user settings, Adult or Pornographic related, Hate, Bigotry, and/or Intolerance Warez or Software Piracy related, Music Piracy Related, Hacking Related, Anything related to illegal activity.

Is this quality traffic?

We are doing our best daily to provide the best quality traffic by verifying users activity, making sure no duplicate accounts or bots, and trying to engage them with your website.

I didn't see my Ads?

Once your ad expired, system automatically delete it to reduce load from Mysql Resources.

What is the minimum price for each ad placement?

As we are using multiple currency, so the CPC depends on the currency you choose to place ad.

Currency10 Seconds Ad20 Seconds Ad30 Seconds Ad60 Seconds Ad
Bitcoin0.00000005 BTC0.00000010 BTC0.00000015 BTC0.00000030 BTC
Ethereum0.00000030 ETH0.00000060 ETH0.00000090 ETH0.00000180 ETH
Litecoin0.00000200 LTC0.00000400 LTC0.00000600 LTC0.00001200 LTC
Bitcoin Cash0.00000040 BCH0.00000080 BCH0.00000120 BCH0.00000240 BCH


What is adpack?

Adpack is a kind of revenue share system where user can bought a adpack and in return they receive profit on daily basis upto 120% in total.

How profit credited?

There are 4 types of adpacks if you bought a Bitcoin pack the amount of daily profit credited to your bitcoin account balance everyday at 00:00 server time.

Is there any referral commission for upliner on purchase of adpack?

Yes, you'll get 10% commission on your referral daily profit from adpack.

For example if your referral bought a Bitcoin pack and he got 0.000025BTC daily and as an upliner you receive 0.0000025BTC daily until 120 days.


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